Update: 02-August-2017

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  1. Asma Menon

    Cannot even bear to open these videos.
    How do people take videos of such cruelty.
    They should help.
    Sick minds and sick vicarious behaviour.
    I am not going to be a voyuer to this sickness .

    • YaBuddy

      Welcome to 2017: where crime exists and you clearly ignore how this started.

  2. Afsir Ahmad

    Instead of putting out these videos, it would be better if the media informs the public the action taken, if any, by the government. If not, why not.

  3. ashe

    What a horrendous act and so many vociferously lending their support to such a heinous crime.

  4. anon

    the west fails to label and wage a war against these hindu terrorist fanatics

    • 117

      Kind of have to ask what this man had done…
      The action of the crowd may be justified…


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