According to Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics(DGCIS), Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India. Uttar Pradesh government has sanctioned buffalo meat export worth of Rs.15 crores with total meat weight of 266700 Kgs. Indian water buffalo on an average weighs around 550 kgs, after the slaughter of the buffalo the average raw meat weighs around 380-400 kgs.

Between April 2017 to September 2017, India has exported around 5012 US tons which is equates to lives of 11,963 buffalos of which Uttar Pradesh government has legally slaughtered around 7018 buffalo’s and exported the meat to Pakistan.


PM Modi when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, claimed he will fight to end the “PINK REVOLUTION”  and claimed he will ban beef and attacked congress government of generate revenue to the government and granting subsidies to the exporters. After nearing 4 years in power Prime Minister Modi has neither stopped the beef export nor done any actions to stop issuing licenses to beef exporters.

Government of India’s data shows top beef exporting states to Pakistan


Breakdown of quantity of the beef export to Pakistan from Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India


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