November 14, 2017:

The debate over Hindu terror, which was triggered by actor Kamal Haasan on Thursday, was pulled a step further on Friday by his film industry fellow Prakash Raj. The ‘Singham’ actor took to Twitter raising issues like lynching and violence by anti-Romeo squads.


  • Prakash Raj comes out in support of Kamal Haasan over Hindu terror remark.

  • If lynching is not terrorising, then what is? the actor asked in his tweet.

  • Raj had recently slammed PM Modi over his silence in journalist Gauri Lankesh murder.

“If instilling fear in the name of religion… culture… morality is not terrorising… then what is it. Just asking,” Prakash Raj, who has won several National Awards, said in his tweet which he addressed “to whomsoever it may concern.”

“If abusing and manhandling young couples on the streets of my country in the name of morality is not terrorising,” then what is,” the actor said in an apparent reference to a series of incidents in Uttar Pradesh where anti-Romeo squads publicly humiliated and thrashed couples.

“If lynching on the slightest doubt of cow slaughter is not terrorising, then what is,” he went on to add while indicating towards a string of lynching incidents by self-proclaimed cow vigilantes or gau rakshaks across the country.

Prakash Raj, who has acted with Kamal Haasan in the 2015 Tamil film Thoongaa Vanam, also slammed online trolls for abusing people.

“If trolling with abuse, threat…to silence even a slightest voice of dissent is not terrorising, then what is terrorising…#justasking,” he wrote.

The actor was recently in news when he came out in open criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his silence in Kannada journalist Gauri Lankesh murder case. Prakash Raj  was even booked for his remarks against the PM.

Lankesh, who had strident anti-right wing views, was shot dead from close range by unknown assailants at her home here on the night of September 5.

“My problem is that — who killed (her) is not important — but who is celebrating is clearly seen (on Twitter),” Prakash Raj had said during an event in Bengaluru.

“We have a prime minister amidst us who is sitting with his eyes shut to this. I am a bigger actor than you, don’t try to act in front of me, please respect me as an actor. If you act in front of me as though you know nothing –am I a fool (to believe it) or are people or today’s younger generation fools,” he said triggering a massive backlash.

He had also offered to return his National Awards but later clarified that he was misquoted.

“I am not a fool to give back my National Awards, which have been given to me for my body of work, and which I’m very proud of,” Prakash Raj, who has acted in Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil movies, said.

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