“We wanted to escalate the demand for an investigation in the mysterious death of judge Loya in a case that led to the acquittal of many including Amit Shah.

Judge Loya was the CBI judge who died in mysterious circumstances in Nagpur on 30.11.2014. Around one month back the story was broken in The Caravan Magazine by Niranjan Takle after the judge’s family decided to go public.

But the forces that occupy the central space in the country did not allow that story to explode as they wanted to keep it under wraps.

Ever since, Ashok Pai has been spearheading a battle to raise awareness about the issue.

Last time we had decided to go to the Bombay High Court and protest on the issue. We informed the media but the police picked us up from the Churchgate Railway Station itself even before we could go to the Bombay High Court.

Therefore, learning some lessons, we decided to print T-Shirt with the message and do a silent protest.

We entered the Bombay High Court in our normal dress and then used the washroom to change into the T-Shirts.

We were spotted by the police over there and asked to go outside the court.

After that we went to the nearby sessions court and then came back to the High Court, where we were standing near the HSBC Bank building when police decided to detain seven of us who were wearing the same T-Shirt.

We were taken to the Azad Maidan Police Station like last time but treated well and made to sweat it out under the threat of an FIR and arrest.

Much as we wanted the police to take action, they backed out and released us without pressing any charges. As arresting us would have meant escalating the battle and bringing in the media.

In our parting shot, we assured the police that one day we will come and be your state guests….

Many people called after Rajiv Tyagi and Divyendu Verma spread the news of our detainment. Many friends turned up at the Police Station, also many people called once our mobile phones were released back to us.

Azam Khan called in from Saudi Arabia, DrJyothi Jason called in from Bengaluru, Dr. Praveen Kumar Prabhakar called from Delhi and there were many calls that I could not take.

We are in this for the long run and justice can be delayed but not denied. The fight is on.

All it want to say is

‘Fanoos Banke Jiski Hifazat Hawa Kare,

Woh Shama Kya Bhujhe Jise Roshan Khuda Kare’

Bless all of you who rallied around and created pressure on the authorities to back off. You are our Khuda!”

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