Update: 12-August-2017 | 09:00pm IST


According to our sources, popular Facebook page “The New FekuExpress” which is known for its humour, meme posts on ruling government BJP and Prime Minister Narendra is being blocked by Facebook for running a single star campaign against RepublicTV and posting memes against ruling BJP government and Prime Minister Modi. FekuExpress page which was started less than 18 months ago has whopping 3 lakh followers. The FekuExpress page was blocked on 11-August-2017 at 10:00pm IST. Below is the campaign note from the page.


Fake rating were removed after sudden spike in 5 star rating increased using fake profiles.

FekuExpress page started the single star campaign on Facebook and Google against RepublicTV, they urged their followers of the page to rate single star for biased news reporting and being a mouthpiece new media of ruling BJP government.

Also, sources say another reason for their page block is for posting a parody humour song from the movie “3 idiots” on Prime Minister Modi where the song outlines questioning PM Modi of his governance style, where is achhe din, 15 lakh rupee to each citizen, blackmoney from swiss, crony capitalism , false promises, u-turns, etc.

Humours on ruling government Indian politicians are unacceptable is that the message facebook wants to give to the world ?

This is not the first time facebook has show restrain FekuExpress page from posting humour, it had blocked the page for 7 days on similar meme posting.

Facebook has millions of videos which are worst of its kind still exist on facebook, it does not act on any such pages or contents. There are videos of president trump shown stripped naked, presidential nominee Hillary clinton look alike undressed and stripped. Humours and jokes on opposition like Dr.Manmohan Singh , Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal are not removed by facebook. People raise questions over the integrity and fairness of Facebook and its biased ban. Shouldn’t facebook act on such pages and contents too ?


Larger question is why does facebook do selective BAN on certain pages from India and opposition ? It also raises question is facebook hand-in-gloves with  the ruling Indian government to axe on pages which questions their governing style.



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