Update: 17 July 2017 | 9:00 PM IST

Pakistan’s popular Urdu language tv channel Dunya TV today carried out a news which reported that 158 Indian soldiers have been killed in a Chinese rocket attack.
Dunya News and several Facebook pages posted images of the so-called rocket attack which killed 158 Indian Army Soldiers and injuring several others.
Same images were used by several Pakistani pages, claiming Pakistan army attacked Indian army bases in Kashmir.

First claim: China Rocket Attack

Second Claim: Pakistan Attack

Duniya news was not alone, Dawn TV too aired a similar fake report. Social media went abuzz with images and videos of the “China rocket attack” on Indian Army with some India-haters even commending China’s “action”.
Now moment of truth:
According to Indian media reports citing Indian Army Eastern Command sources, Images going viral on internet as well as shown on Pakistani TV channels are from Tawang firing range, dated 25 May, 2017 when a mortal shell was accidentally exploded killing one soldier and injuring six others, four Army trucks along with signals equipment were completely destroyed.
Did the Pakistan army try to play some mischief with the media by supplying them fake news with old photos and videos?

A spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs said these kind of reports are utterly baseless, malicious and mischievous. “No cognisance should be taken of them by responsible media,” the ministry said when asked about the Pakistani media claims of China rocket attack.

Given the tense situation on India-China border, Pakistan might be trying to add fuel to fire with fake news.

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