Cadre, Caste and Communalism. Three reasons why BJP is unbeatable in it’s saffron laboratory.

They win due to multiple reasons. Their booth level management is excellent. They reward emerging MLA's by giving them better roles in the organisation. They have their people networked everywhere in Gujarat and in each organisation from co operatives dairies to Chamber of Commerce. Apart from this, they win due to one prominent reason, and I need not mention it because you know what that reason is.

Here is why a Gandhi as Congress president makes sense

14 March, 1998 Sonia Gandhi took over as Congress President. At that time it was in government in only three states. It had lost all other states and was in opposition in the Centre. It was actually close to ‘Congress-mukt Bharat’! Within months of her taking over, Congress started winning elections. In the same year Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan were won, retrieving the party back from oblivion. It is in this background,the importance of Gandhi family in the Congress Party can be understood. It is for such reasons that Sonia Gandhi matters in Congress.