-Saransh Joshi

BJP won Gujarat. If you think it is development and nothing else, Can you tell me how many GIDC’s were built here in the last 10 years?

They promised to make some 50 lakh houses under ghar nu ghar, Nothing happened.

In fact, Did they even bother releasing a manifesto before a week at least?

You clearly know that it is not the case even though you may not agree publicly. Perhaps you are blinded.

They win due to multiple reasons. Their booth level management is excellent. They reward emerging MLA’s by giving them better roles in the organisation. They have their people networked everywhere in Gujarat and in each organisation from co operatives dairies to Chamber of Commerce. Apart from this, they win due to one prominent reason, and I need not mention it because you know what that reason is.


If only development mattered to the Indian public and electorate, Chandrababu Naidu would have never lost to YSR and Congress in 2003 by getting hardly 20% of the seats. His term was probably the most pro development term of any CM in India in recent times

BJP does few good things in Gujarat:

Their feedback mechanism is robust in comparison to Congress. They classify seats as easy, hard and difficult. Wherever required, they have the RSS and VHP cadre at their disposal in most cases

They usually contain Congress in seats where Congress puts a candidate from the dominant caste in that constituency by putting a candidate from the same caste

Same caste + Sangh support, you know the magic equation.

They contain major leaders of Congress via the same method

While Congress has a weak cadre and they only get active in the year before election, the BJP cadre is active throughout the 5 years

Congress has been promoting dead horses like Shaktisinh and Arjun Modhwadia and Siddharth Patel who cannot even win their own seats just on the basis of their proximity to Ahmed Patel and Gandhi family

Congress continues to ignore Paresh Dhanani now just like they failed to groom Vitthal Radadiya as a pan Saurashtra leader when he was with them

Also Congress has no ideological clarity.

They observe what BJP’s stand is on an issue and then act contrarian

Why would the Gujarati voter trust Congress at a time when the Centre and all major states have a BJP government and the PM is an ex Gujarat CM unless they have a proper leader to lead, a properly defined stand on every major issue.

Congress just hopes every election that the anti incumbency would some fine day kick in and they will get in power

They did the same mistake in Bengal after Siddharth Shankar Ray was ousted and since then faded as a party in Bengal

The present day Congress in Gujarat continues to pay for the sins of Madhavsinh Solanki who built the KHAM theory and Chimanbhai who apparently patronized Abdul Lateef, the Muslim don of Ahmedabad who was synonymous with terror in 80’s and 90’s

Congress lost the state the day Abdul Lateef got Hansraj Trivedi murdered in Radhika Gymkhana in August 1992 by asking the sharpshooter to shoot everyone in the club since the sharpshooter could not identify Hansraj Trivedi

That triggered insecurity within the majority community which is felt till date during elections

The only way forward for Congress is to improve it’s cadre, built a better network, especially in the 4 major cities of Gujarat, recruit better and witty spokespersons, pick up issues concerning various communities

BJP anyways will work hard after such lacklustre performance today and Mr Amit Shah is a quick learner

BJP has started calling Congress as casteist and will keep doing so, to keep and further build an anti Patel anti thakor anti SC ‘United Hindu front’ like the anti Yadav United Hindu front they built in UP to counter SP.

-Saransh Joshi

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